Promoafrica project


Promoafrica is a project born in 2008, with the mission to select and form future professional football players from African origin. After starting the project in the Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso and Nigeria, Promoafrica is already present in seven countries of this continent and has proven a constant growth of its volume of activity, which has lead it to become a reference in the African market.
Currently, more than two hundred schools and fifty African clubs, mantain a collaborative relationship with Promoafrica and the work done over the past two seasons has already paid off, with a total of 12 professional players already under contract in European teams. Promoafrica starts 2010 consolidating its activity through its own club an and academy founded by the same company.

The biggest asset of Promoafrica, is its large selection program. This process includes three filters of selection, before the players are allowed to travel to Europe.
The first screening is done throughout the entire continent by a team of over thirty African scouts and their network of information, and is supervised by the General Coordinator for Africa and several European coaches, selected by the company. 

The second screening takes place once the members of the Technical Committee travel to the different African countries under guidance and supervision of the General Coordinator of the project and the Sports Director of Promoafrica. They make the next selection of players, among the 20.000 talents observed in the first part of the screening. 
Once these two filters have been applied, a selection of players fly to Burkina Faso to take part in a ten day training camp and are scouted by representatives of European clubs. The owners and directors of Promoafrica take part in this process and together with the Technical Committee, make the last decisions about the future of the players. The will of Promoafrica is to control the best young players of the continent and to have the best information regarding the emerging talents. For that, the company maintains a close relationship with the national coaches of each country. 
The different age-groups of the selected players, lead us to proceed in two different lines of work. The U19’s are able to go to a professional team, while the U17’s finish their formation in Africa in academies controlled by Promoafrica.  

There are many countries with clubs interested in those players. Through agreements with agents from different football markets, Promoafrica offers the possibility to introduce these players in those countries. Through its Academy in Africa, Promoafrica has the economical and federative rights of the players chosen in the final phase of the screening.  Once in a professional club, our company assesses and represents those players and guarantees them their own well-being and comfort.

Promoesport, as a great players’ agency in Spain, is responsible to promote and give a boost to this Project, laying the professional structure needed to discover these African talents. 
The General Coordinator of the Project, at the request of the Technical Committee, is responsible to watch over the proper working of all the integral parts of the Project as to guarantee the best possible result. 
As a company, Promoesport has over eight years experience and more than 75 players as clients. We brought players such as Uche, Felipe Melo and Diego Alves to Spain.
With Promoafrica we are looking to maximize the football potential of the African continent, applying the European knowledge and methods to the local development in each of the countries we work in. We cannot forget the spectacular explosion of African football over the last years.

We have the conviction that Africa offers a new universe of business to the football world. The demographic potential, the fact that we are pioneers and have laid down a well structured line of work, suggest big opportunities with young and ambitious players, who can turn around the current football market. From Promoafrica we are sure that with the “know how” we have acquired and the distribution channels we have established, in the next few years, we’ll have excellent sportive and financial performances. 

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